As a client in our class, you'll learn to:

  • see divorce or the ending of your relationship as a family matter, rather than an adversarial legal case.
  • empower yourself to make better choices for yourself, and your children, rather than having decisions imposed upon you by attorneys and the courts
  • see divorce through your children's eyes so you may understand their feelings and fears and create a home which fosters security and love
  • find alternative ways of resolving conflicts, rather than using the courtroom as a battlefield for unresolved divorce issues
  • recognize the direct correlation between rage, fear, and the need for control, as they relate to custody and visitation issues
  • create a parenting plan that works
  • stop retribution and condemnation of the other parent to dramatically improve your children's development and adjustment, and prevent long lasting negative results
  • identify and cope with your traumatic emotions as you go through the process of a divorce or separation
  • understand your children's reaction to separation and divorce, and know the long term ramifications for each child is measured by their ability to develop and live in a healthy atmosphere
  • establish new boundaries, and behave more appropriately in your new roles with each other and your children